Flat Fee Collection Agency Features

Aggressive Collect

Our most popular collection letter package, Aggressive Collect includes four (4) collection letters to your debtor.

Each letter’s language gets more aggressive than the prior one.

Letters are mailed out in approximately 17 day intervals to provide the debtor to respond to the initial letter or for return mail or new addresses to be received. Sending a series of four (4) collection letters shows your debtor the debt is not going away and is a constant reminder to send payment immediately!

  • Save money by ordering four (4) collection letters packaged together.
  • Provides the option to include Credit Bureau Reporting, Certified Mail Return Receipt, plus much more.
  • Instantly printed and mailed directly to your debtor the next business day.
  • Provides the ability to purchase additional letter packages should your debtor not respond.
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Instant Collect

Created specifically as a pre-collect or “soft” collection letter, Instant Collect is an excellent resource for delinquencies in the “slow pay” or 60 to 90 day late cycle.

Debtors that habitually run late and “push the limits” will recognize the serious impact of receiving a letter from a collection agency. More than simply a “notification letter”, Instant Collect tells a debtor that a collection agency is involved and collection efforts may accelerate should they not tend to this account.

  • Provides the option to include Credit Bureau Reporting, Certified Mail Return Receipt, plus much more.
  • Instantly printed and mailed directly to your debtor the next business day.
  • Provides the ability to purchase additional letter packages should your debtor not respond.
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Additional Collection Letters

Initial collection letters aren’t always enough to motivate a debtor to pay. For debtors that need a little more motivation, OldDebts.com also provides additional collection letter packages, discount letters, and payment plans.

You can also send Thank You letters for payments (it says “thank you” but reminds them there is still a balance due) as well as Paid in Full letters when the account balance is zero. We even have apology letters if an account is placed in error.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

As an option with each letter package, you can report each debtor to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The information you provided on the debtor will be continually transmitted to the three major credit bureaus.

Selecting this option is recommended in order to maximize the possibility of a successful collection. Reporting the delinquent debt to the credit bureaus is a serious and aggressive act that should be considered with every account. Once reported, the negative impact upon the debtor may affect him for up to seven years. Often, if the initial contact of the letters does not get their attention, a debtor will contact you months or years later and want to clear the debt. This option is available with all of our consumer letter packages and can not be purchased separately.

Additionally, in the event the debtor files a dispute, makes an inquiry, or requests for payoff through the bureaus, we will handle it appropriately.

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Certified Mail Return Receipt

This is the only guaranteed way to ensure your debtor receives the collection letter. With Certified Mail Return Receipt the collection letter is mailed with a certified tracking number issued by the United States Postal Service. Additionally, you’ll receive a green return receipt card in the mail with a signature of the party that accepted delivery.

Call Center

A state of the art communications center is available as an option with every letter package. This option instructs an experienced collector to make a courtesy call to your debtor as a follow up to the collection letter(s) they’ve received. This added feature may make the difference in a successful collection.

Although we have experienced tremendous success with the letter package and credit bureau reporting, there are some debtors that respond to personal contact. Our call center is available to communicate directly with your debtor if you feel it would be helpful. Frequently, a telephone call as a follow up to the initial letter may be the one extra step required to make a collection successful.

Our experienced collectors will make a “courtesy call” to your debtor approximately 3-10 days following the mailing of the second letter. The purpose of this “courtesy call” is to impress upon your debtor the seriousness of your claim and your desire to resolve it as expeditiously as possible. It is not our intention to harrass, threaten or scare the debtor. Every call is handled with the utmost in professionalism and in compliance with all collection laws.

Simply provide us with your debtors’ telephone number and best time to contact him and leave the rest to us. We will make up to four attempts to contact the debtor on your behalf. He will be notified that he is being called by a collection agency as a follow up to the letter he had received from us. We will state that we are calling as your representative and that this is merely a “courtesy call” to explain the importance of your claim. The debtors’ response will be logged in the debtor profile journal and be e-mailed to you. You will be notified immediately of any offer for settlement, payment arrangement or dispute of your claim.

As a full service debt collection agency, OldDebts.com wants to make available every opportunity for a claim to be resolved quickly and professionally. The “courtesy call” option is available on any claim but must be selected at the time the initial letter package is purchased.

Custom Debt Collection Letters

Plain white collection letters may quickly get identified as a collection letter and thrown away without being opened. Get the debtor’s attention immediately by choosing a custom collection letter like red, tan, or check stock.

Red collection letters give the appearance of a delinquent utility bill or other urgent matter.

Tan collection letters and envelopes appear to be coming from an attorney’s office.

Lastly, with check stock collection letters your debtor will want to open their mail immediately thinking they’ve received a check!

National Change of Address NCOA

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually. NCOA improves mail deliverability by providing current addresses for individuals and business when they move. This option can be added to any collection letter and helps to provide a method of skip tracing in order to locate your debtor.

Portfolio Monitoring

Your entire portfolio of debtors will be maintained in our database and be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wish to review your portfolio for important tax information, address updates, or simply to send another series of letters, your debtor’s profiles are only a click away.

Account Setup

Currently, there is no charge for setting up an account. Once your account is opened, each of your debtors will automatically be assigned its own unique account number.

Each account number will allow you to access a debtor’s profile. Your debtor’s profile will provide the name, address, amount due, and status of the file.

Bookkeeping Maintenance Access

Free access to your debtor’s profile gives you the ability to update information.

For example, change an address, post a payment, and add notes regarding correspondence received from the debtor. More than just a diary, when you post a payment the debtor’s profile will automatically adjust the balance due.

E-Mail Notification

Every time a scheduled letter is sent to your debtor, you will be notified by e-mail. This not only serves to keep you informed, but reminds you to go online and stop the letters once you have been paid. Remember, continuing to send collection letters to an account that has been paid or filed a dispute may be considered harassment.

Automatic Updating

Your debtor’s profile will be automatically updated when a scheduled letter is sent and when the account is reported to the credit bureaus. Remember it is your responsibility to update your debtor’s profile if the account has been paid.

Full Service Collections

If you have exhausted the possibilities offered through the OldDebts automated website or feel that traditional methods of collection may work better, there is also a contingency collection program available.

The contingency program is integrated into OldDebts.com. Just log into your account and select Transfer Accounts. This will transfer accounts to contingency collection which offers asset searches, debtor location, collector contact and works with collection attorneys.